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Thursday, September 14, 2006

The two Yamatos of Massey

This is a new 1:200 scale Yamato from our good friend Nichimo. Purchased on Ebay by IYOA member Massey in Virginia Beach, Virginia. It is expected to compliment his 1:350 scale Yamato which he also intends to make radio-controlled. Massey is also going to try to get all of his main turrets to move INDEPENDANTLY from each other! Good for multiple targets!

When finished, this Nichimo kit will actually be the IJN MUSASHI, so we can get the Musashi numbers up here on the site! Massey informs us that the Musashi had her decks painted black shortly before she was sunk, which he is considering following in his model.

There is no specific deadline for the completion of Massey's Yamatos, but we will certainly update the NEWS page when information comes in! Good luck Massey!

Owned by: Massey
Built: 2007 (?)
Length: 4 feet, 3 inches.
Width: 7 inches
Home Waters: Around Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA

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